Rebranding of an international youth organization fighting human trafficking.

Strategy, Design

The Challenge

The client was a group of three country organizations of the previous parent NGO, who together wanted to take the leap and become an autonomous organization. The task was to preserve, sharpen and strengthen their essential identity and spirit and to develope a new brand out of, and around this core.


Our Approach

Our goal was to create a brand in the field of tension between the need for a strong identity as one international movement on one hand and autonomy for every country organisation on the other hand; to allow each country and their writers and designers to operate independently, and keep them agile in catering to their young, trendy audience.

Based on the customer's distinctive positive and optimistic take on the unwieldy and difficult topic of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, we aimed for an inspiring and uplifting name and logo. We continued to develope the visual identity along this line.


The Brandbook

Contextual work was at the heart of the lightup project, all the more, as each country organization would manage content creation themselves. Thus, much attention was given to the brand book, as a key element in conveying the spirit, tonality and personality of the brand to the organization's writers and designers.


Differentiating Target Groups

The organization's audience was comprised of two highly differentiated target groups; socially committed as well as trend-conscious people in their early twenties on the one hand, and supporters and donors with a mean age of fourty-five on the other hand. Therefore a second color scheme was created to adress the donor-supporter target group accordingly.