We're hiring

At Infound, we're currently looking for new talent to join our team. Open positions include a TYPO3 developer and a Senior Ruby on Rails developer.

Who we are

Infound is a group of designers and programmers, working together to create brand experiences and software products.

As designers, we strive to understand the underlying technologies we employ. Equally, as programmers, we cherish good design and well crafted user-experience. Together, we reach out to explore the unconventional and enjoy a great level of creative freedom.

As firm believers that a mind at ease is a creative mind, we do take our time to rest and rejuvenate. We all have families and friends, and they ARE a priority… That is where we draw the line!

We have a nice studio space in the center of Vienna. Some of us work here, while others are spread out around Europe, working remotely.

Interested? Let us know.

Job openings

TYPO3 / Full-stack web developer →
Senior Ruby on Rails developer →