Infound is an interdisciplinary digital agency based in Vienna. Since our founding 2008 we've had the honor to support more than 160 clients from all around Europe with strategy, design and engineering.

Playground for digital creators

We believe if you give a motivated and creative person enough freedom they can do amazing things. That’s why we run our agency as a playground for digital creators, challenging each other to think outside of the box, ask difficult questions and accept nothing but the best solution. We explore, we learn, and we iterate.

Radically one of a kind

Copy-Paste of standard solutions is not what we aim for. We want to create something new, every time. Challenges are what keeps us motivated.

A task as complex and unpredictable as possible is appreciated. Our custom solution may then shine even brighter.

Designed for people

A user’s personal experience is where strategy, design and engineering blur into each other. That’s why we approach every challenge as holistically and humanly as possible, to create products which are loved by the people who use them.

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